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The Thinker Series TM

Explore the minds and ideas of some of the world’s most innovative and thought-provoking thinkers – Tune in now to Thinker Series

Looking for funding? Learn how to find money for your projects and businesses! Michael Lechter's book, Other People's Money is part of the Rich Dad Poor Dad series.
Sometimes we might feel stuck for some reason but never lose the power of choice, the choice on how we
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Listen to Dr. Demartini as he talks about "Fair Exchange". Visit motivatingradio.com for more Thinker Series episodes.
Continuous and true happiness is what everyone seeks throughout life. Do you need a reason to be happy? Marci Shimoff talks
Embrace the beauty of your solo journey to recreate yourself by traveling far enough to find yourself. Hear Teresa Williamson talk
Listen to Marianne Williamson as he talks about "Results Takin' Action To Change Lives". Visit Motivating Radio for more episodes of
Listen to Liam Mayclem as he talks about "Getting Out of Your Own Way". Visit Motivating Radio for more episodes of
All positive things come into our life because of our worth. Our reward rises in proportion to our value. Value Yourself
Listen to Mark Victor Hansen as he shares with us how to Create the life that you want. Visit Motivating Radio
Thinker Series

About the Show

Delve into the intellectual landscape of various guests – from philosophers and scientists to artists – and explore their unique perspectives on the world around us.

The show delves into the latest and greatest ideas and discoveries that are shaping our world.

The “Thinker Series” brings you the most stimulating and thought-provoking ideas with leading thinkers in their field.

So if you’re interested in exploring the ideas and thoughts shaping our world today, tune in to the “Thinker Series” and join the conversation!

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