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Why Should You Book LeAnn to Speak at Your Next Event?

It is literally my business to motivate and we have an amazing history of success. Go with the best!

I provide the best tools and resources to help organizations and individuals create, strategize and achieve.

Email me: info@motivatingradio.com

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How Can You Book LeAnn to Speak at Your Next Event?

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LeAnn Hilgers Motivational Speaker Motivating Radio

LeAnn Hilgers

Book LeAnn for Your Next Event!

Why Should You Book LeAnn for your Next Event?

Hear LeAnn’s amazing story and be inspired by LeAnn’s successes. Learn how you can change the trajectory of your life and increase your chances of success.

Help your audience to find motivation by finding purpose in contributing to something bigger than themselves.

Dream a bigger dream for yourself and learn the Dream Big RevolutionTM process for making it happen.

Drive your organization towards your strategic goals.

1. Clarity: Forget leadership skills. Every member of the audience is called Greatness!

Audience members activate practical tools to propel their life forward and commit to a life and work that matters. Discover strategies to navigate change with resilience and adaptability.

2. Purpose: Live a bigger dream for yourself! Live a life that matters! Find purpose in your work, skills and abilities.

Change the World!

Tap into your innate strengths and unleash your true potential. Cultivate a winning mindset for personal and professional success. Drive your success through service.

3. Excellence: Create momentum through excellence. Learn how to turn challenges into your finest hour! Explore the Law of ExcellenceTM

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What Learning objectives can your audience experience?

LeAnn helps to crack the code on change.

Audience members:

  • Excavate what they want
  • Discover their core competence (what they are best at their strongest, most in-demand skill).
  • Learn difference between goals and dreams and actionable ways to define both.
  • Create long term motivation by connecting with a purpose that is greater than themselves.
  • Collaborate to hold themselves accountable for realizing their desired outcomes.

Topic description:


Join LeAnn on her triumphant journey to discover what true ‘Success’ really means – to YOU. LeAnn ‘transports’ you around the world as she moves from suffering from a chronic and deadly digestive disease to relocating to New Zealand.

Hear how LeAnn became a National Champion in Martial Arts and a Master’s Degree in Information Systems to becoming the CEO/CMO of MotivatingRadio.com

Learn how to crack the code on change.
See yourself LIVING your DREAM LIFE!
Envision yourself with new and wonderful possibilities!

LeAnn motivates long-term rather than amping up with short-lived adrenaline bursts. LeAnn Hilgers is an experienced, dynamic and passionate motivational speaker who empowers individuals and organizations to embrace change, overcome obstacles, and achieve their fullest potential. With a blend of humor, relatability, and actionable insights, LeAnn leaves her audiences inspired and ready to take bold steps toward success.

Be inspired!

Book LeAnn to Speak at Your Next Event!

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