“ Speak your dreams to life!”

No One Would Help Us!

When Professor Hilgers first started in the media and speaking industry, there were no classes you could take and there was no one who could tell us how to launch our media business or a career in the media and speaking industry.

Anyone can sign up for a podcast but being successful and professional requires a unique and highly specific skill set, business acumen, and experience. We have an abundance of experience and expertise at Motivating Radio™, it is our mission to help you be successful! 

There is no need to struggle to get started. We can help!

  • Achieve your goals for your show!
  • Create a Website
  • Manage Social Media and Search Engine Optimization
  • Use Your Voice
  • Attract Attention to Your Product
  • Brand Yourself and Your Business
  • Structure and Produce a Great Show that People Want to Hear
  • Professional Speaker Coaching
  • Market Products and Books
  • Manage and Operate a Successful Media/Speaking Business
  • Make a Profit

Professor Hilgers has acquired more than 20 years of experience in the media and speaking industry.

LeAnn has been a professor of entrepreneurship for more than 25 years – including 10 years at one of the top universities in the world, UC Berkeley. She has worked for the small business administration, advising small businesses. During the start of the covid pandemic, she raised more than 6.5 million dollars in working capital for local businesses and helped save countless businesses from bankruptcy. Over the years, she has guided the launch of thousands of successful businesses. Her business coaching services had a 3-month waiting list.

Professor Hilgers has Syndicated many shows on terrestrial radio, Television, online radio networks, and podcasts. She has used her professional speaking experience and successful speaking career to teach countless people how to speak professionally and operate a successful speaking business.

LeAnn Hilgers is the proud owner of Motivating Radio™.  She is the CEO/CMO and works tirelessly to ensure the success of everyone involved with Motivating Radio™. 

I am LeAnn Hilgers. Welcome to Motivating Radio.

Speak your dreams to life!

LeAnn Hilgers

CEO/CMO (Chief Motivating Officer)